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Changes to booking appointments Posted on 26 May 2017

We have changed our booking process.


Due to huge demand on our service we have recently changed the way we receive appointments. We hope this will give more flexibility to our patients. We are now able to offer patients the option to book a routine appointment 2 weeks ahead.

We will also now allow patients to book appointments throughout the day. So if you would like an afternoon appointment this can now be made in the morning, there is no need to call at 2:30 pm.

Due to the increase in demand we are only able to offer services at certain times this allows us to ensure that there is enough staff in the right place to answer your enquiries. The new telephone message will read.

Option 1. For appointments, to arrange to speak to a doctor or to cancel appointments

Option 2. For prescription enquires after 3pm.

Option 3. For hospital referral enquires.

Option 4. For Test results after 3pm

Our phone lines will close between 1pm and 2pm we can only answer emergencies during this hour.




Due to large numbers of prescriptions we are processing we will require 48 hours notice to allow us time for the doctor to review and sign them. Please help us by submitting your requests as early as possible to ensure you do not run out of medication.